Mini Review

Teledentistry and Digital Therapeutics (DTx) for dentistry

Sang-Yoon Park*

Published: 05 August, 2022 | Volume 6 - Issue 1 | Pages: 028-030

Due to the global pandemic spread of COVID-19, the medical field has experienced many changes [1]. One of the main changes is the attention to Telemedicine (Digital Medicine), which is a part of Digital Health. The combination of ‘Digital’ and ‘Dentistry’ can be awkward because dental treatment is often conducted face-to-face with clinical treatment, but it is planned to proceed with the inevitable flow of the times [2,3]. In addition, Digital therapeutics (DTx), a part of digital dentistry, is a narrower concept and has an evidence-based effect on diseases. This article contains opinions on the concept and current status of Teledentistry and the application of DTx [4].

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